15 Best Waist Cinchers in 2017 Reviewed | Complete Guide

So many of us want the best body we can have, especially coming into the summer months when we are wearing bathing suits. One of the best ways to help shape your body is to find a waist cincher. We have complied a list of 15 best waist cinchers in 2017!

The best waist cincher product on the list below is the Sauna Waist Trainer, developed by the company Ursexyly. You can check out the full review below.

Before we get to the fifteen main reviews of today’s list, just to note that rather than concentrating on one specific brand of waist cincher, we have designed to look at fifteen various products from different manufacturers. This is going to give you a wider range to choose from, so no matter what your needs are, or what you are willing to spend, there is a waist cincher on this list for you. With that being said, let’s dive into the first review.

#1: Sauna Waist Trainer


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The first best waist cincher is the Sauna Waist Trainer, developed by the company Ursexyly. This was developed for women and is available in a fantastic black and purple color, with a hint of yellow. This is one of the best-looking waist cinchers on the list today. It comes at an affordable price, competing with many others. There are various sizes to choose from: small, medium, large, extra-large, double or triple, or quadruple extra-large. No matter your size, there is something for you! But not too worry if you buy a size that is not the best for you, as it comes with a money-back guarantee if you purchase one that does not fit.

This Sauna Waist Trainer promotes sweating around the abdominal area more than regular gym wear does. It is both comfortable and lightweight, ensuring that you still look great while working out. To make sure it remains odorless, you can hand wash it for the best results.

This has been designed to make you sweat a lot, ensuring you achieve all the weight loss goals you have set out for yourself. It can enhance the strength in your shoulders, while also burning the fat around the tummy.


  • Fantastic design
  • High quality material
  • Great look
  • Targets fat area
  • Is affordable
  • A lot of sizes to choose from
  • Money back guarantee


  • Cannot be machine washed

Make sure to check out all our reviews before you decide to buy a product

#2: Ursexyly Cute Hot Sweat Bodysuit


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The next best waist cincher is the Ursexyly Cute Hot Sweat Bodysuit. Again, this is another product from the Ursexyly line, who’s primarily goal is not only to enhance your workout, but also provide workout gear that you feel great wearing. This is not your typical work out attire that is going to be loose and not show off your curves; it is guaranteed to compress your stomach and provide proper padding for the breast area.

This bodysuit is available in three colors: rosy, blue with black, or blue with tan color. It has been designed to help you sweat more during a workout, allowing you to achieve your workout goals faster. It can make your core sweat more than any other clothing would, attacking the fat cells located in the belly area. This waist cincher runs a bit small, so you want to get a size up than what you usually purchase.

The material it is made from is neoprene, microfiber, nylon, spandex, with a zipper on the front, making it really easy to put on and take off. It is very comfortable to wear and lightweight, so you will hardly feel it on you.

In order to ensure that it does not start to smell, you should regularly hand wash the material.


  • Fantastic look
  • Adds heat where you need it most
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Provides a great look at the gym
  • Made out of high-quality materials


  • Not machine washable
  • Runs small, need to buy size up

#3: KIWI RATA Neoprene Slimming Vest


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The next product up for review is the KIWI RATA Neoprene Slimming Vest. Developed by KIWI RATA, this waist cincher is affordably prices and is going to give you the body you want while you are at the beach. It is available in three various colors: a fully black one (with a zip and hook), a black vest only, or the black vest with yellow additions.

This is a more heavy-duty waist cincher, that is four-steel boned; it manufactured using neoprene, polyester, and spandex to ensure a high quality and durable design. It is made in California and can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

The shell of the vest is made 100% out of polyester, while the lining is made up of neoprene. While the neoprene may smell at first, the smell is easy to get rid of it.

This slimming vest is intended for use at the gym, out on a run, cycling or doing yoga. It allows you to burn fat a lot faster than normal, as it increases the amount of sweating in the abdominal region. This allows a more toned physique that slims and shapes easier.

This has been made with high-end technology that keeps the body warm during a workout, and even can make you sweat more during daily activities. You will be surprised at how easy it is to get that toned tummy by using this device, and it helps reduce the size of your waist and your abs.


  • Great look
  • High-quality materials
  • Can be used for daily activities
  • Tightens up the tummy
  • Reduces fat


  • Uses zipper, can get skin caught if you are not careful

#4: Waist Trainer, Corset Cincher developed by Junlan


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The next product is the Waist Trainer, Corset Cincher developed by Junlan. This is a waist cincher developed for women, to control the size of their tummy and help them lose weight faster!

This waist trainer is made out of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, ensuring that you are getting a product that uses high-quality materials to last a long time. The closure is a hook and eye, making sure it fits snugly around your figure and gets the job done. This is a vest type of style that ensures it will not slip or hinder your workout at all.

The strap is fully adjustable, allowing you to get it to any size you want. There are three rows of hook and eye closures, and also an inner and an outer zipper. This allows you to easily adjust it even during a workout if you want it to be tighter, or allow more room for breathing.

So what does it do? This corset cincher is designed to promote the heat in your body during a workout. This makes you sweat like crazy, making it a lot easier to achieve the weight loss goals you have. When you work out, you want to sweat more around the abdominal area, as it is a tricky area to attack the fat cells around that area. This vest intensifies the perspiration around the area so you will be closer to having that flat stomach you want.

The inside of the vest is made of pure cotton, making sure it is extremely comfortable when you are wearing it. The material is also very elastic, so it is able to shrink with your weight lost. This is great for any women who just had a baby and want to lose the fat from that, or for shaping the body. It also allows you to improve your posture when working out, and stay in strong form.


  • Enhances posture
  • Fantastic look
  • Very affordable
  • Allows room for breathing


  • Material is a bit cheap, because of the price

#5: Gotoly Waist Trainer Cincher


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The next product is the Gotoly Waist Trainer Cincher. It comes in a sexy black color to keep you looking your best in your everyday life and at the gym. This waist cincher is made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester fibers; this allows maximum comfort especially if you are wearing it for multiple hours.

This waist trainer cincher is not meant to be washed in the machine, or dry cleaned, and can only be cleaned by hand to ensure the quality of the product.

This cincher closes using hook and zipper closures; that allows it to keep a really tight fit at all times. It is also very elastic, so it can expand and grow, depending on your weight and size at all times. This is a four-spiral steel-bone design, that supports the waist, yet also allows you to bend easily when you are working out. Because of this unique design, the Gotoly never rides up when you bend down or sit, so you can maintain a comfortable position. On top of this comfort level, it also provides the support you need to both your waist and your back.

This waist cincher is fantastic to put on during a workout, or for a run, as it is going to enhance the quality of your workout. It allows the toxins in your body to exit the skin in a more efficient way, and mobilizes the fat cells. This is going to get you a smaller tummy faster.

As with most of the cinchers on this list, this helps you shape your tummy and give you the hourglass figure that most women dream of. It is available in a variety of sizes. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a waist cincher, this is definitely an affordable option!


  • Very affordable
  • Expands and grows
  • Breathable
  • Gives you additional back support
  • Does not ride up when you bend
  • Fits snugly


  • Can only hand wash, cannot machine wash

#6: DODOING Women’s No Closure Waist Corset Cincher


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The next product is the DODOING Women’s No Closure Waist Corset Cincher. This is one of the most appealing looking Corset Cinchers to wear every day. It actually has a more lingerie-sort of look, so your significant other is going to love you in this! It is available in a variety of sizes so whether you are small or well-rounded, it is going to fit you—no problem! This is more to compress the belly, and is not as intended for working out, as are many of the other waist cinchers on the list. This makes it more unique, and has one of the best looks on the market today.


  • Fantastic look
  • Solid red design
  • Can wear under clothes


  • Not intended for working out

#7: Waist Trainer Tank Top, developed by Junlan


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The Waist Trainer Tank Top, developed by Junlan, is another option for the best waist cincher. This is so affordable, so if you do not want to break the bank when buying a waist cincher, this may be the best one for you! It comes in black and is going to increase your workout while making you look fantastic! It is made out of 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

This waist cincher is not meant to be washed in the washer, but must be hand washed and hung to dry. This is going to ensure that it maintains its full shape and elasticity.

To close this vest, you can use the triple rows of hook and eye closures, that ensure that it is going to fit tightly and snugly. This allows you to know that it is fitting your figure to the greatest extent. The worst thing that can happen with a waist cincher is that it comes loose when you’re exercising. This Junlan product will not loosen, and it helps you maintain a slim figure. At the same time, it also helps you lose weight, so you can wear it to the gym while you exercise. This ensures that the area around your stomach loses weight faster.


  • Fits very tightly
  • High-quality product
  • Very affordable


  • Cannot be washed in washer, hand wash and dry
  • Will lose shape if washed in washer

#8: Gotoly Long Torso Girdle


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The Gotoly Long Torso Girdle is another option for the best waist cincher, as it comes with a variety of features and is so affordably priced. It is definitely not going to cost you an arm and a leg; you can be assured of that.

This girdle is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, to ensure elasticity and comfort if you want to wear it for a long period of time. In order to maintain its shape, the manufacturers at Gotoly urge you to just hand wash it and not use an electric washer.

This girdle offers you a full 360° of trimming at your waist, and it is also high waisted to allow even the upper abdominals to be taken care of. It is also very breathable, while not sacrificing the comfort of the cotton shell.

This non-closure girdle has also been made for women who just had a baby. Anyone who has delivered a baby knows how hard it can be to get rid of that excess fat after having one. This corset has the support of four spiral steel bones, that are able to hold excess belly fat in place and give you that hourglass shape you desire. This is a perfect fit if you have a short torso or normal torso. If you happen to have a long torso, we recommend looking at other products.

This cincher smoothens out your tummy, but also gives the support for your lower back that it most desperately needs. This is going to help you the most during intense workout session.

The Perfect Waist girdle is going to transform your waist, removing inches in just seconds when you put it on. It adapts right to your body, making it feel like a custom fit just for you.


  • Adapts perfectly to body
  • Gives you an hour-glass shape
  • Very breathable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Can fit under clothes


  • Must hand wash, can smell over time

#9: Waist Cincher Tummy Trimmer


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The Waist Cincher Tummy Trimmer, made by OTIOTI, is another one of the best waist cinchers in 2017. This is another affordably priced product to give you that body you’ve always wanted!

The Waist Cincher is available in four colors: blue, black, rose pink, and normal rose. Each of them compliments your figure and is going to help cinch your waist down to the size you want.

This is made out of high-quality neoprene, polyester, and latex. This allows it to be extra durable and last a long time without having to purchase a new one. This is great for postpartum bellies, to compress the excess fat to get your body back to what it was before pregnancy!

Elastic Velcro straps are used across this waist cincher, allowing you to easily adjust it anytime you want and secure it so it is perfect for you. This is one of the most flexible waist cinchers that is going to grow and shrink depending on your size. Many other stomach belts are uncomfortable and jab at you, but this one is extremely comfortable.

This OTIOTI product is meant to be worn when you exercise to burn the fat in your stomach area. It is kind of like a portable sauna for the belly area.

The design of this product allows you to cover the entire stomach area, but it fits tightly to stay in one place during exercise without slipping. Because of its thickness, it produces a lot of heat and burns the fat away. This also allows it to remove cellulite and expel toxins located in the skin and the fat. There is a lot of Velcro around the belt so you can extend it to different sizes and even share it with your friends.

On top of shaping your belly, this best waist cincher offers a lot of support on the sides and your back. This is going to ensure a safe workout, while strengthening the core even more.


  • Added support
  • Burns fat fast
  • Grows and shrinks
  • Velcro is easy to adjust


  • Not easy to wash

#10: Stoga Women’s Waist Cincher


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The next product is the Stoga Women’s Waist Cincher. Again, this is another very affordable waist cincher on this list today. The best news about these waist cinchers is that they are cheap, and they get the job done. These specific cinchers are available in either medium, large, or extra-large, depending on the size you need.

They are made out of 90% polyester and 10% spandex to ensure they can easily stretch. This uses high-end technology to help you to achieve an hour-glass shape in a matter of seconds.


  • Fantastic feel
  • Affordable price
  • Looks great
  • Strong design


  • Not the best for workouts
  • Does not shape belly the best

#11: Angel Lines Waist Trainer Cincher


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The next best waist cincher is the Angel Lines Waist Trainer Cincher. This is a more expensive waist cincher on the list, but still is not that expensive when compared to other weight-loss items. It instantly sculpts away 1 to 4 inches from your waistline, and can be worn under your clothes. This product is versatile, that is firm around the midsection, but also features a very discrete strapless design. It is also extremely comfortable, using hook and eye closures for the most precise fit possible.


  • Fits great
  • Very comfortable
  • Can wear under clothes


  • Not so much for working out, more everyday use

#12: U-Kiss Compression Thermo Sweat 


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The U-Kiss Compression Thermo Sweat is the first on our list intended for both women and men to wear. It is very comfortable and lightweight, intended to be used either during exercise or regular daily life. This waist cincher allows you to fit it easily under your clothes so you can get faster results. It is made out of unique fibers and materials to put more compression around the belly area, leading to more sweat and weight loss. It maximizes the effect of your workout, ensuring more calories are burned. The outer texture absorbs the sweat, so you are always dry on the outside.


  • Great for working out
  • Can also be used daily
  • Comfortable
  • Fits under clothes
  • Affordable


  • Smells after time

#13: ETTG Women’s Waist Cincher Trainer


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The ETTG Women’s Waist Cincher Trainer is very affordable. It is made out of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, making it very versatile and durable. It uses the latest technology to ensure that you can get an hour-glass shape in just a matter of moments once you put it on. It is available in a sleek black color to help you feel sexy when wearing it.


  • Great look
  • Affordable price
  • Fits great


  • Made out of cheaper material

#14: Gotoly Hip Enhancer Butt Lifter


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The next product is the Gotoly Hip Enhancer Butt Lifter. This is not only a best waist cincher, but it also elegantly lifts the butt. The design is more like a body suit rather than a vest. It is made out of 90% cotton and 10% polyester to ensure comfort level. It has a soft and silky lace pattern in the fabric. The main function of this waist cincher is to shape the body instantly, controlling the tummy and the waist. It is also great for support during workout activities. It is very breathable and antibacterial, allowing you to wear it all day long under your clothes. It is also invisible under your clothing and ensures sexiness all day long.


  • Sexy
  • Lifts butt
  • Great cincher
  • Works great
  • Affordable


  • Must be hand washed

#15: Sexy Pink Skinny Waist Trainer Cincher


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The final product is the Sexy Pink Skinny Waist Trainer Cincher. This is the most high-end waist cincher on the list today. It uses perfect thermal action that detoxes any built-up liquids around the belly to reduce fat. The reinforced front flattens the tummy and will reshape the entire midsection. It also is built to accentuate both the butt and the breasts, to ensure that you get the figure you desire and turn heads wherever you go! We highly recommend!


  • Great look
  • Accentuates breasts and butt
  • Great for longer torsos


  • More expensive

Final verdict

All fifteen products above are up for being the best waist cincher of 2017. They all provide added support in the stomach region to give you the look you desire. However, we encourage you to find one that also will work while you exercise. It is crucial that you maintain exercise during this period so you can work at strengthening the core and getting your stomach as flat as possible. We highly recommend all fifteen!

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