When one hears about masticating juicers, many would often complain that it looks too bulky and many speculate that the high price does not necessarily mean good results.

Companies are actually trying to make sleeker masticating juicers that are not be as pricy as industrial juicers yet still produce the same results expected from these devices.

If you are looking for a sleek yet powerful masticating juicer which is affordable, try out HUROM’s offering, the HU-100.


HUROM HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer in White

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Making juices with the HUROM HU-100 is a dream according to the company as it will always deliver and even help with other food items like sauces, spreads, marinades and baby food without issue. What is in this machine? Here is the list of features of the HUROM HU-100 juicer:

  • HUROM’s unique cold-pressing system gets 35% more juices leaving drier pulp compared to other machines.
  • The company’s patented Slow Squeezing Technology ensures that the ingredients you place inside the machine are gently squeezed to retain natural tastes and all nutrients. The technology also helps in keeping sensitive nutrients like Vitamin C and live enzymes to be retained in the juice because heat often removes these nutrients.
  • Aside from being a juicer, it can also serve as a food processor and dessert maker in one as you can process fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, and soya for a variety of goods.
  • Includes a heavy-duty ULTEM strainer and auger which ensures that it can easily handle any type of food placed inside.
  • Uses 150 watts of energy and runs quietly.
  • Users do not need to worry about the warranty because it comes with a 10-year warranty for its motor.
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This juicer from Korea sounds very good in terms of features, but, can it really deliver on its promises? Here are reviews from current users which can determine just how well this juicer works at home.


Users have said that this machine is not really that sturdy as some have reported the machine’s parts kept breaking at random times. One user reported it was not able to juice produce well, especially fruits or vegetables with fibers. Another reported that the plastic parts have broken quite easily and even the replacements are not that useful.

There were even instances that the juicer stopped juicing and only released pulp. There were also reports of clogs and jams with, especially for leafy greens which the company claims are juiceable.

Cleaning up this juicer is also a pain according to some because they found it difficult to disassemble and the pulp extractor parts are very difficult to clean. Some users have also reported that the warranty is not very good because when they tried to request a replacement, the company did not even speak to them.

One reported that there’s no way to inquire about troubleshooting or warranty requests from this company, only parts requests.


Satisfied users of this juicer said that the machine is very durable and sturdy as some users report that their Hurom juicers have managed to work well for years. Users have also commended this machine for juicing almost everything they put in. One user said that it managed to peel the rind from lemons and juicers way better than a citrus press.

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Others have said that it was able to help them grind nuts such as almonds and even soya without changing their flavor or consistency. Some users said it was able to juice “Watery fruits” and leafy greens without issue.

Users have also said that this machine is very easy to clean since the juicer can easily be removed from the base and placed in the sink. While some parts are time consuming to clean such as the screen depending on the contents placed in the juicer in each session, they say it is easy to clean if done with care.

Customer service is also very good for this machine according to users as they said that the company immediately contacted them to replace any parts and assist in replacing or troubleshooting their machines. The price is also attractive to most users as they managed to save a lot of money with this juicer.

Bottom Line

Nutrition is not something one compromise with now that people are losing time to make their own meals and take in artificially made drinks. With this HUROM HU 100 juicer, making food and drinks can now be something people can do with zeal as it will help them stay fit.

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