Masticating juicers are an investment people should not compromise on because these juicers will help you stay fit.

However, since there is a growth regarding the number of people interested in buying masticating juicers, it is difficult to decide which one will provide the most variety and nutrition.

If you are looking for one that is versatile and provides you the nutrients you want at an affordable price, you should take a closer look at Kuvings’ NJE-3570U Masticating Slow Juicer.




Kuvings NJE-3570U Masticating Slow Juicer

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Masticating juicers need not to be simple in appearance but do have to have some kind of edge over others. Kuvings’ Masticating Slow Juicer offers quite a lot of features for a machine that is capable of making nutritious juices every time you use it. What makes the NJE-3570 so unique?

  • This juicer has a 170-watt motor which operates at 80rpm, extracting juice without oxidizing the produce and retaining nutrients and enzymes. It also guarantees higher juice yield and dry pulp.
  • The heavy-duty juicing screw is made from the most durable materials ensuring that it can extract juice even from hard vegetables and leafy greens.
  • Aside from being a juicer, this machine can also be transformed as a food processor thanks to its 6 different nozzles that can be used to grind, mince, crush and even make pastas of different varieties.
  • To prevent clogging, this machine has a direction control power switch that can pull down the produce for juicing and reverse switch to ensure there are no clogs.
  • The pulp ejection system is separate from the juice container, allowing the user to get only juice at every juicing stage.
  • Very user-friendly as users do not need to clean too many parts to operate and store this juicer.
  • This juicer also has an improved auto-feeding design, allowing users to just keep slipping the produce in the machine easily and allow the machine to do the work.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty should any problems be found with this machine.
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The company who made the NJE-3750U did not spare anything when it comes to this machine, making it an appealing choice for users. However, let’s find out if this is worth the cost. Here are reviews of current users of Kuvings’ NJE-3570U and what they think of the product as a staple in their kitchen.


Some users have expressed concerns regarding the fact this machine’s entire system is made out of plastic. They expressed concern that it may not last them for a long time. One had supported this, saying that it had broken after only a few months of use.

Some have also commented that the instruction manual was very bare when it comes to recipes and some even do not explain how to remove the pulp for example.

There were also customers who said that the pulp made by this juicer is very wet, indicating that there were still juices missed by the juicer. There are other users who returned their juicers due to their disappointment with this machine.


Many users are satisfied with this machine because it is well-made and every part fits without a screw unhinged. The machine is also very quiet as it juices all produce that is placed inside. Users have raved about the fact that this machine can actually pull the food inside the feed tube and ensure that nothing gets jammed in there.

The juicer was also able to produce more juices and the pulp it makes is very dry. The taste is also very good and even leafy greens like wheat grass tasted great. Some even recommended their favorite blends on how they can make more delicious juices with this machine.

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Those who have used this juicer as a processor or pasta maker reported that it came out very well. Cleaning this machine is also a breeze because it only takes a few minutes. It was reportedly very easy to assemble and disassemble since the parts were easy to screw into place. Some stated that it is worth the investment for users looking for quality masticating juicers.

Bottom Line

Buying a Kuvings Multi-Purpose Slow Juicer is a choice you won’t regret because it offers great variety on what you can make with it for a relatively low price. With the many functions of this machine, not only can you juice like a pro, but you can also make snacks like a pro.

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