If you want to invest in a masticating juicer, you have quite a lot of models to choose from as they vary in features, speed, capacity, functionality and price. If you want one that can do all the juicing you want and even serve as your very own grinder, processor and dessert maker, Omega’s J8006 is one to consider.


Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer - Black and Chrome

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Save yourself from buying separate kitchen equipment with this one of a kind juicer from Omega. Not only can you make juices with this masticating juicer, you can even make desserts, chopped or minced ingredients, purees and even pasta for a low price. Here are the notable features of the Omega J8006:

  • Comes with a unique Nutrition Center which assists this machine in not just making juices, but also peanut butter, baby food, whip soya milk, pasta, grounded coffee or spices and minced ingredients thanks to its 80rpm speed.
  • Includes a GE Ultem Auger which is eight times stronger than other plastics, ensuring that the machine is strong and stable plus the gear reduction is roughly around the same as that of a 2HP Motor.
  • This machine also has a dual juicing stage unlike other juicers wherein the juice is first extracted by crushing the produce inside the machine, then before the pulp is removed, it is pressed again in the second level. As a result, it can produce the highest amount of juices compared to other juicers. It can even get the highest yield from kale and wheatgrass.
  • Juices made from this machine can also be stored for 72 hours without worrying about degradation.
  • This juicer is also very quiet and guaranteed to last years.
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Sounds like the features included in this juicer are top notch for a masticating machine available in the market today? Before you consider purchasing it, here are some user reviews regarding the Omega J8006.


Users have said that this juicer is not as sturdy as it is implied because some users reported that they have experienced problems with the machine after just a few months. One user said the machine would jam and the juice stopped flowing out. There were even cracks in the main unit, causing it to explode due to pressure.

Others even commented that this machine had a very bad design, causing some parts of the machine to grind against each other, damaging the machine completely. Some users also said that this juicer was unable to juice the produce they wanted, especially leafy greens because the machine could not really handle it.

Others reported that getting a replacement unit is very difficult because they did not even receive a return call from the company. One even said that they did get a replacement part, but did not get an update or apology for the delay.

Some users who wished to replace broken parts for this machine reported that they could not even find replacement parts in hardware stores, even alternative parts.


Impressed users have said that this machine is perfect for their needs and cited why they loved it. Users said that they could now juice whole produce (except those which are very hard) without worrying about the motor. The pulp they get out of the machine is also very dry, proving that it has been squeezed of all its juices. Some even said they used the pulp as compost.

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The motor runs very smoothly even if it is used for heavier functions or juicing heavy loads of fruits or vegetables.

Users also love the fact that this machine is very easy to clean because they find it very easy to disassemble and then clean.

As far as its juice quality, it is very good because users reported that it did not come out of the machine with any foam or pulp. It reportedly tasted like nothing they tasted in other juicers.  They were even able to make more than what they normally expect and the shelf life is also good.

Users have also said that they were able to use the other functions with ease with the help of the manual and the product is as delicious as the juices it makes.

Bottom Line

Masticating juicers often have added value in their offerings and the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center] will not only help you make the juices you want but also help you grind your favorite coffee beans, blend your favorite desserts and prepare ingredients.

It also reduces the clutter on your countertop since you no longer need to have a separate food processor, dessert maker, pasta maker or grinder for your kitchen.

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