Masticating juicers are popular on the market these days because they offer more juice and more functionality than conventional juicers. However, picking one is very difficult because there are quite a lot of factors to consider. Investing in a juicer is serious business which is why one cannot settle for less.

If you want a juicer that has a long history and a multitude of features, check out Omega’s NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer.


Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer, Silver

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Like any masticating juicers, the Omega’s Nutrition Center Line delivers more juice extracts and also provide more food delights for users. However, for this version of Omega’s Nutrition Center series, here are some features:

  • This juicer has a low speed juicing system running at 80 RPM rotation speed to ensure that it can juice without compromising the quality of fruits or vegetables.
  • Comes with a Dual Stage masticating extraction process which ensures that the juice will come out fresh and pure with little pulp.
  • Includes 5 adjustable settings to ensure that the juice output is excellent, especially if you are juicing leafy vegetables.
  • The juicer also has continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection which allows the juicer to continue producing juice.
  • The Omega Nutrition Center ensures that this juicer can actually help users make other products such as nut butters, baby food, almond milk and other snacks for you or your family.


The list of features of this juicer from Omega may not look like much, but it is quite something considering how long the company has been in the industry. However, would it really work in your home?

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There were users who said that this machine was very brittle compared to other juicers reporting that they saw cracks forming in the machine after only a few days of use. There are also users who said that the parts tend to wobble around, affecting the quality of the juicing session because the parts tend to start showing wear.

One user reported that they feared the possibility that the juice may contain plastic. One user said that the plastic container was too brittle because it easily wore down due to the fact it was always scratching the juicer.

It is also not advisable by some users to juice ripe and soft fruits with this machine because it makes tons of pulp and the juicer does not do anything with the pulp. Some users have commented that the customer service of this machine is very bad.

Reportedly customer service did not send them their replacement parts upon request. Some reported that they were not able to reach the customer service hotlines – from phone to its websites. Some dissatisfied users have already returned their juicers due to the flaws they have encountered.


Some loved the quality of the juice made by this juicer as it did not have pulp or foam. The pulp it releases is very dry, ensuring users that the juicer was able to extract all the juices from the produce. It was also able to juice green leafy vegetables and even hard fruits without worry.

The feed chute is also very big, allowing users to place the entire fruit inside without having to cut them in to smaller pieces. Cleaning up the machine is very easy because users did not have to clean too many parts.

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There were also no problems with clogging or jamming and the pulp adjustment knob is also reportedly a plus because they only needed to use it in case there is pulp stuck in the machine. For those who needed to contact customer service, users said that the customer service is very efficient.

One reported that when he contacted omega for replacement parts, he was sent a replacement part without extra cost and even advised as to what must have caused the problem. The company even used FedEx, ensuring that users would be able to get their replacement parts in a timely manner.

Users are also very happy that the warranty is longer than other juicers as it has a 15 year warranty.

Bottom Line

Omega has been in the business of quality appliances for quite some time now and this juicer is 5th generation. You can be assured that this juicer is an investment you won’t regret since it can deliver the juice you want and help you make other specialties in the comfort of your home.

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