When you are looking to buy an office chair from a reputable brand, you just can’t ignore Herman Miller. While they are the most expensive office chairs on the market, they also have a lot of quality and they tend to last for a very long time in perfect conditions. 

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One of the questions that many people have is that they just don’t know which one they should choose. So, today, we decided to make a Sayl vs Aeron comparison. 

Sayl vs Aeron Comparison

#1: Herman Miller Sayl Chair


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Featuring a unique design, the Herman Miller Sayl Chair is a beautiful office chair that will stand out in any office. Available in a wide range of colors, the Herman Miller Sayl Chair doesn’t have the usual frame or even any harder edges. And this makes the Herman Miller Sayl Chair really unique. 

One of the things that we like about the Herman Miller Sayl Chair is that its back is suspended which makes it flexible. So, you can be sure that as soon as you sit on this chair, you will notice it adapt to your own body. 

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The Herman Miller Sayl Chair is sold at different prices depending on the adjustments that you want the office chair to include. The basic version, for example, only allows you to adjust the reclining back angle in 3 different positions. However, you won’t be able to adjust either the armrests or the seat height. Instead, when you look at the more expensive Herman Miller Sayl Chair version, you will be able to adjust the backrest in the same 3 positions, the seat angle and depth, and you can tilt forward. You will also be able to customize the armrests in 4 different ways (inwards, outwards, up, and down) as well as the lumbar support. 

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The Herman Miller Sayl Chair has a maximum weight capacity and its more comfortable for people with up to 5’10”.

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#2: Herman Miller Aeron Chair


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Just like the Sayl, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is also available in 3 different versions depending on your weight and height. In addition, you have also other options within the Herman Miller Aeron Chair itself. In case you are looking for a great lumbar support then you should go with the classic Aeron. On the other hand, if you’re looking to improve your sitting posture, then you should opt for the Aeron PostureFit. In addition to all these, you still can add a headrest. 

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Looking at the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, you can easily see that this is an ergonomic and beautiful office chair that will stand out in any office. Covered with a woven suspension textile that is breathable and flexible, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair delivers a great support for your back as well as it is extremely comfortable.

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The Herman Miller Aeron Chair comes with the Kinemat tilt mechanism that allows the chair to automatically adapt to your body when you move. 

In terms of the adjustments that you can do, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is very versatile. After all, you can adjust the seat height, the tilt angle and tension, the armrests, and even the lumbar support. 

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Sayl vs Aeron Comparison Conclusion

No matter if you choose the Herman Miller Sayl or the Herman Miller Aeron, you need to know that you will get a beautiful office chair that will last for many years in perfect conditions. However, there are some differences between the two. 

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While they both include a lot of adjustments to ensure that your body fits the chair, the Aeron tends to be better. Nevertheless, it is also much more expensive than the Sayl. Besides, when you are simply looking to buy an office chair, you may not want to be choosing all the details like in the Aeron. So, in this case, the Sayl should be a better option for you. 

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