When you’re looking for a posture support brace that can help you improve your posture, you should definitely consider the Equifit Shouldersback Posture Support.


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The Equifit Shouldersback Posture Support was designed and developed by an orthopedic team with the main goal of helping riders improve their posture. However, what it seemed to be a brace only for riders, it soon began to be used by many people including professional athletes, dental hygienists, chiropractors, models, dancers, and actors.


The shouldersback posture support can be used either by men and women alike and it will suit you like a glove. Made with a sheer and light fabric, you won’t have any problems wearing it even if you’re in the middle of the summer.

How does the Equifit Shouldersback Posture Support help you with your posture?

As soon as you out this shouldersback posture support on, you’ll immediately feel that it is kind of pulling your shoulders back. You might even feel some discomfort which is absolutely normal. After all, your body is already used to a bad posture. But when you wear the shouldersback posture support and have your shoulders pulled back and our spine aligned, you are basically re-teaching your body about how your normal position should be.


One thing to have in mind is that you should start wearing the Equifit Shouldersback Posture Support carefully. This means you can wear it for one hour, for example, each day. After you feel comfortable during this period, you can increase the time you spend with it, gradually. All you need to do is to listen to your body and use your good sense.

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One of the best advantages of the Equifit Shouldersback Posture Support is the fact that it doesn’t restrict your movements unlike most posture support braces on the market. Plus, it’s completely adjustable since it has multiple straps.


One of the questions many people have regarding a shouldersback posture support is whether or not the insurance will cover it. So, you’ll be glad to know that most insurance companies like Medicare should cover the Equifit Shouldersback Posture Support. This only happens because the Equifit Shouldersback Posture Support was classified as a durable medical equipment. So, in case you decide to get one for yourself to improve your posture, you most likely will be reimbursed for the full purchase price by your insurance company. All you usually need to do is to have your doctor write a prescription for you. This will let your insurance company know that you need it and the reimbursement process should run more smoothly.

Overall, the Shouldersback posture support performs well in almost all occasions since it doesn’t restrict your movements because it features the soft elastic straps that allow you to adjust it. While some posture supports only allow you to wear them on top of your cloths, with the Shouldersback posture support you can decide to use it both under or over your shirt. With a simple design that works, and using high-quality and breathable materials, the Shouldersback posture support is, without any question, one of the best posture supports on the market.

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When you’re buying one for yourself, and in case you’re in the middle of two sizes, make sure to choose the higher size.

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