When you have fair skin, you probably keep hearing a lot of people telling you to be careful with the sun. And the truth is that they are right. However, it is not only the fair-skinned people who need to be careful. We all do. 

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However, with the summer approaching, you are probably looking into heading onto to the beach or the pool and you want to get a beautiful tan and not to be all red. So, we gathered some of the best tanning techniques that you should use:

#1: Determining How Pale Your Fair Skin Is:

While you may be fair skin, the truth is that fair skins are not all the same. Your skin may be simply chalky or translucent, for example. 

#2: Take Selfies:


While you are probably thinking that this is for you to check the differences before and after the tan, selfies will help you even more than that. One of the main concerns that you should have in what concerns your skin it to skin tags and moles that change shape. So, the best thing you can do is to take a selfie of all these spots before you tan. This way, when in doubt, you can see how they were and if you notice any changes in one of them. 

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#3: Use A Good Sunscreen:

A good sunscreen is crucial. And the reality is that this is the kind of lotion that you need to bring with you no matter where you go. After all, you should apply it several times a day. 

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When you are looking for a good sunscreen, you need to ensure that you look at its SPF.

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#4: Create Your Own Tanning Cycle:


When you have fair skin, it is important that you develop your own tanning cycle. As a rule of thumb, the paler your skin is, the shorter the duration of each session should be. In addition, your recovery time should also be longer. 

#5: Keep Using Your Selfies:

As you go through your tanning cycle, you should take a couple of selfies. This way, you will be able to notice if you are getting tanned at your desired pace or if you need to increment the time spent in your tanning sessions. In case you are doing this, you should also reduce the recovery time. 

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The Best Tanning Tips For Fair Skin


When you are looking to get a beautiful tan that lasts, you want to ensure that your skin and hair are always well moisturized. The truth is that the heat tends to dry out your skin but your hair as well. So, by ensuring that you are moisturizing them, your tan will also benefit. 

As you will notice, your first tanning sessions are the ones that you need to pay more attention to and you shouldn’t forget about all the techniques we mentioned above. As your tanning cycle goes on, it is less likely that you get a burn. 

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