Hearing loss affects one in 10 Americans and prevents them from understanding normal speech. Despite the fact that the most common reason for this statistics is the age, there’s no question that the excessive noise exposure also plays an important role. 


But how can you tell if the noise is just too loud? How can you know that the sound is affecting, or may affect, your hearing?


The sensitivity to noise varies from person to person. However, as a rule of thumb, the noise can damage your hearing  when you’re at arm’s length from someone and you need to shout to be heard. Another signs that you may have been subjected to extremely loud noise is when your ears start ringing, your ears hurt, or even if you have difficulties hearing for many hours after you were exposed to the sound.


So, how can you protect your hearing?

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One of the best things you can do is to wear hearing protection headphones. And these hearing protection headphones become even more important if you need to work is an extremely loud workplace. Whenever you are using noisy yard equipment, power tools, riding a snowmobile or a motorcycle, or firearms, you need to make sure that you wear hearing protection headphones.


One of the questions many people have about wearing hearing protection headphones while they’re at work concerns to the fact they are afraid they won’t listen to other machine and people around them. So, in case something happens, they won’t be able to help out as well as if they need help, no one will reach out to them. However, this is something that you don’t need to worry about. Just like when the sun is too bright you use sunglasses, when you are in a very noisy place, the hearing protection headphones will still allow you to listen to other people.

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Here are the main benefits of wearing hearing protection headphones:

#1: Hearing protection headphones usually have standard ear cups with sound-absorbing foam. Whenever there is an exterior sound, the exterior microphones capture it, amplify it, and only then will deliver the sound to your ears electronically.

#2: In case you want to try something really cool, if you try to turn the volume all the way up you’ll notice that you’ll hear better this way than simply using your ears.


#3: Hearing protection headphones usually have a “stop gate”. When they detect a loud sound that is above a particular decibel, they will immediately shut off the amplifier. As soon as the loud sound stops, the amplifier will turn back on.

#4: When you want to talk to someone else, you don’t need to remove your hearing protection headphones.

#5: Some of the best hearing protection headphones already include two different microphones, one on each muff. This allows you to determine from where the sound is coming.

#6: Some hearing protection headphones are powered by AAA batteries that last for many, many hours.

#7: They are usually very comfortable and the headband is usually adjustable as well.

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