When you are constantly exposed to loud noise environments, you need to ensure that you protect your hearing. The truth is that there is no cure for hearing loss so you need to make sure that you protect it at all costs. 

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The truth is that many workers are affected by hearing loss because their workplace is very loud. Just think about construction workers or DJs, for example. However, there is a solution for you – choosing the best NRR earplugs. 

How To Choose The Best NRR Earplugs?

#1: Consider The NRR (Noise Reduction Rating):

When you are looking for the best NRR earplugs, one of the most important aspects to consider is the NRR rating they include. So, you need to make sure that you pay attention to the decibel rating before you buy them. 

To make sure that the NRR earplugs that you are considering are the best ones for you, you will need to do a simple calculation. Let’s say that you are a DJ or that you are considering attending a rock concert. Usually, rock concerts are in a very loud environment of about 100dB. So, let’s now say that you are looking at earplugs with an NRR of 33. 

(33-7) / 2 = 13

100dB – 13dB = 87dB

In the case of these earplugs with an NRR rating of 33, your exposure to noise will be reduced to about 87dB. 

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#2: Look For Custom Earplugs:


When you spend a lot of time in noisy environments, then the best option for you is to buy custom earplugs. While these may be a bit more expensive, they are worth it since they will be molded to your own ear. As you know, not all ears are the same. So, with custom earplugs, you will be able to reduce the noise substantially. 

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#3: Or For Disposable Earplugs:


When you are looking for affordable NRR earplugs, then you should consider disposable earplugs. These are usually made of foam and they tend to be comfortable.

These are a great option when you aren’t subjected to noisy environments frequently. 

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#4: Or For Reusable Earplugs:


In case you want to ensure that your hearing is well protected and that you tend to attend different concerts throughout the year, for example, reusable earplugs are a great option. 

#5: Consider Different Brands:

When you are looking for the best NRR earplugs, you should look at different brands. The truth is that NRR earplugs are not all made the same way and you may feel some more comfortable than others. Some brands tend to manufacture smaller earplugs which are great in case you have small ears. So, just look around and check different brands. Also, make sure to read some reviews about their customers. This way, you’ll get a better idea of what to expect. 

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#6: The Comfort:

Ultimately, comfort is crucial when you are considering buying the best NRR earplugs. The truth is that you will wear them for at least a couple of hours straight. So, the least you can expect is for the earplugs to be comfortable. 

In case you have the chance, you should try them on and see if they don’t fall off your ears. The best NRR earplugs should maintain its position without moving. This is how you know they are in the right spot and blocking the loud noise. 

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