A lot of people are trying to start their own vlog on YouTube. So, if you are one of them and you already have your camera, what will you vlog about?

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Ultimately, there are many different YouTube vlog ideas that you can use. However, if you are missing the inspiration and don’t know what your vlogging will be about, make sure to check out the following ideas.

5 YouTube Vlog Ideas For 2019 & 2010

#1: Product/Service Reviews:

There’s no question that today, checking other’s reviews online is crucial. No matter if you’re looking to buy a product or sign up for a service, you want to ensure that you’re doing the right thing. So, this can be a great idea for your new vlog. 

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Notice that there are different things you can do here. From covering the unboxing of the products to testing them or even provide service ratings.

#2: Gadgets And Technology:


If you are a fan of gadgets and technology, this is one of the best YouTube vlog ideas for 2019 and 2010. 

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Again, there are many different approaches you can take on your vlog. You may prefer to create some application and software tutorials (just think Photoshop, for example), PC hardware assemble or something related to HTML and coding. But it doesn’t need to stop here. You can also have your vlog about computer troubleshooting, for example. 

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#3: Personal: 

Personal vloggings have been getting very popular in the last couple of years and it seems they will continue to go up. 

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Simply put, a personal vlogging who serve to share your ideas about particular subjects with your viewers. You can have your personal vlog to be like a diary where you talk about your day, for example. This is what a lot of celebrities do. You can also opt to have a vlog that focuses on making your own commentaries and remarks about specific social events that happen in your community or country. Then, you also have the possibility of talking about one of your interests or hobbies. Just share your opinions. 

#4: Gaming:


With more and more adults playing games, it’s no wonder that one of the best YouTube vlog ideas for 2019 and 2010 is gaming. 

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Within the gaming idea, you can take different approaches. You may prefer to talk about latest and upcoming gamins or you may prefer to play in front of your viewers. If you like one game and you are good at it, you can create your own walkthrough or show a speedrum.

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#5: Traveling:


A lot of people love to travel and wen you can associate this pleasure to your vlog it can become even better. 

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In case you are into traveling, then you can have a vlog where you show yourself visiting different places and landmarks, for example. Food trips and adventure trips are also very trendy right now. 

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